Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mass Effect Classes; Which is your favorite?

My Shepard; Solider class.
There are six classes available in Mass Effect 2: Adept; Soldier; Engineer; Vanguard; Sentinel; and Infiltrator.  Now each class has its own abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
My Sephard, Kasumi and Miranda.
For me it's the Soldier class.  I like being in the thick of the fight.  Of course some of the other classes do well in the center of the battle also.  But I like lots of different armor and having access to all the different guns.  Yes, I like things that go bang and things that explode.  I like when something closes with me and I blow it back or away with concussive shot! .
Now some of the more biotic heavy classes are great and some of the powers and their animations are cool.  But for me I’m just more old school in that I like pulling the trigger.
I play other classes also.  It's a great to play Mass Effect a few times with different character classes.  You definitely get a different feel for the game.  You might pick up some things you’ve missed.   My next play through will be my set up for Mass Effect 3 and is going to be on insanity and I’m going to let Morinth kill Samara just to see what’s different.  I’m also going to let Tali die during the suicide mission but that is another post.

Here is a video that details all six Mass Effect 2 classes.  It's a bit long but shows all the classes and their abilities.  So if you are new to Mass Effect or are starting a new game or perhaps a Mass Effect 3 set-up game and aren’t sure what class you want to play check out the video.


  1. Haha please don't claim you have a Georgetown Education, you can't even spell or use grammar at a 9th grade level.

  2. Actually Georgetown University is old school with their diplomas. They are large, in Latin and even come with a ribbon for framing. I have mine in a mahogany wood frame, with blue and gray matting and the glass cover is a tinted UV type. It looks awesome in my office! Thanks for the comment Anonymous. Comments of all types are welcome. Don't continue to be a troll. Peace out!

  3. Infiltrator hands down. In ME 1 they were actually the most defensive fighters because they had the capacity for all four defensive bonuses: medium armor/shield boost, electronics (for extra shields), fitness (for extra health and immunity) and barrier (if chosen for special skill), compared to the soldier that while it had heavy armor could not compete with the huge bonus to shields from electronics, and while the Sniper at the beginning has problems aiming, by the second run through, I was constantly maintaining a combined immunity/barrier defense due to low cool downs, and tacking out any enemy from ridiculous ranges, and firing nonstop due to friction less material upgrades. On my Infiltrator character, I have stopped using the Mako as anything but a vehicle for transport. Doesn't matter if the enemy is a drone or Juggernaut, as soon as I make contact, I hope out, drop them, and continue on my way, I have even gone on an Insanity run and not die once. ME 2 they were a little trickier to play and not so defensive as all classes had about the same defensive capabilities, but the Widow Sniper takes the cake as the all-time best weapon. I was actually able to play through the entire game starting as a level 1 Infiltrator on insanity with minimal death. As an infiltrator you have just as much firepower as a Soldier if used properly plus the ability to easily flank/retreat with cloak, deliver one-shot kills to all but the most powerful enemies even on Insanity, and still control the field through powers such as incinerate and AI hack. Plus, you also can give team bonuses with your distruptor ammo.
    -One shot, One kill.