Thursday, December 29, 2011

Downloadable Content for ME2

Kasumi; Master Thief
Zaeed; Mercenary Veteran
There is a great deal and wide variety of downloadable content (DLC) available for ME2.  The available DLC adds a great deal of extra things to ME2 from new missions, to characters and gear. If you don’t have any budget constraints I recommend that you download all the content.  You'll need the Cerberus Network code that comes with your game to access the DLC.

However if you have budget issues, which DLC should you, purchase with limited resources?

I’d recommend purchasing DLC that provides extra missions – playing time.  All these types of DLC provide most importantly, more playing time and immersion into the story line.  However, these also provide you opportunities to score more credits, upgrades and in two cases additional characters.
At a minimum I’d plan on getting Zaeed – The Price ofRevenge, Kasumi – Stolen Memory, Lair of the Shadow Broker, Arrival, Overlord and Firewalker.  All of these provide some fun new assignments that may not have been part of your platform’s version of ME2.  The Price of Revenge and Stolen Memory each provide a new squad mate; Zaeed and Kasumi.  Also you get a recruitment and loyalty mission for both characters.  I’ve found that I really like taking Kasumi with me on missions.  Perhaps a post for another day.
If you are a Liara T’Soni fan from ME1 you’ll certainly want to get the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. It provides a nice story line for T’Soni and provides you with some great fights, especially on the exterior of the Shadow Broker's ship, rewards and information on your new squad mates.

Arrival is good because it is a nice set up to getting ready for ME3 this coming March 2012.

All of the DNL new assignments and characters can be played at any time.  My preference is to do them all except Arrival before the Suicide Mission.  That way you can have your Shepard and squad maxed out on abilities and gear before the big fight.  Then if you survive you can go do Arrival to get set up for ME3.
There are lots of other fun DLC packs you can down load with stuff from armor & weapons to alternate appearance packs.  These are all fun but I think having more content is more important than having gear/weapons if money is an issue.
Which DLC did you go for?

Which additional character do you like?
Which additional assignments are your favorites?
What other DLC armor or weapons do you like?

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