Friday, January 6, 2012

Mass Effect 3; Are you ready and excited?

Mass Effect 3 will be arriving in two months on March 6th at your local store.  (I wonder if the “Collectors Edition” will arrive before, on or after March 6th?)  Are you excited?  Are you ready?
I’m sure you’re excited.  But are you ready? 
In order to prep for the Mass Effect 3 you should make sure that you have a final save game of Mass Effect 2 that you will use for ME3.  More specifically do you have a save file you want to use for continuing into the conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy?
If you don’t like your save file or aren’t sure you should create another one.  As in Mass Effect many of the decisions you made in ME2 are carried over to ME3 and affect (not effect) your game.  For example in the final ME2 “Suicide” mission some of your squad members may have been killed.  If they were killed in the “Suicide” mission they won’t be in ME3.
For example I’ve never liked Tali event though she's given a large role in ME and ME2.  Yes, I know many of you do.  But I’ve never found her useful on missions.  I like Legion better so in my ME2 final save I made sure Tali died in the mission.  Now I won’t have to bother with her in ME3.  I’m sure they’ll be someone new to take over her role; perhaps Legion.  So for example, if a character died in the “Suicide” mission and you want to see them in ME3 you need to create a new ME2 save to use.  You could also just start a new ME3 game with no import but then you don't know what decisions will be made for you.

So in order to prep for a ME 3 save game here are some things you can do:
·      Play Mass Effect, save and play Mass Effect 2 to your final satisfaction.
·      Play Mass Effect 2 from the start and let the game make certain decisions about Mass Effect.  Decisions such as did you save Ashley or Kaldan?  Did you let the Rachni live or die? 
·      Alternatively than playing ME then ME2 you can download “Mass Effect Genesis.”  This content allows you to make the major of decisions of ME as part of the character customization screen of ME2.  Then you play ME2 with those decisions made by you instead of assumed (ass-u-me) by the game.
·      Of course you can also just load up ME3 and drive on.  But most fans of the ME game trilogy will want the final game to reflect their prior decisions.  (Remember there are bonuses/rewards for importing your save game!)
·      Did you romance Ashley and Miranda?  Could be problems in ME3!  lol
What were the major decisions of ME and ME2 that you made?  How do you think they will affect your ME3?  What characters if any died during your "Suicide" mission?

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