Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mass Effect; Arrival

I just finished playing the Arrival assignment.  This assignment is an extra downloadablecontent pack for Mass Effect 2.  It costs 560 Microsoft points or roughly $7.
Assignment was designed to play after you finish Mass Effect 2.  However it can be played at any time.  I’d suggest towards the end right before or after the Suicide mission.  Not sure it really matters.
In any event Assignment is your setup for Mass Effect 3.  I had read some negative things about Assignment but I really enjoyed playing it.   
In this assignment you're on your own with no help from your squad mates. The story has a nice surprise twist that caught me off guard.  Also the combat is rough especially on the harder levels.  I wish my M-920 Cain was charged.  It would have saved me a couple critical mission failures at the end.   
Here is a short video of the ending of Arrival.  So SPOILER alert; if you don’t want to see how it ends don’t watch.   

If you have $7 to spare you should play this if you haven’t just to get back in the Mass Effect mood before Mass Effect 3 is available.

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