Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mass Effect; Firing the M-920 Cain

M-920; Nuke Launcher
One of the fun things about Mass Effect is all the differentweapons at your disposal.  Hand guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shot guns, to rocket launchers and other heavy weapons.  Each category has several different types from human to alien weapons to choose from.  So there is surely a couple weapons you’ll make your favorites for various reasons.
But without doubt the Big Boy on the block is the M-920 Cain.  Nick named the “Nuke Launcher” this is the baddest weapon in Mass Effect 2.  It generally defeats enemies in one shot with the exception of a couple “bosses” including the Human Reaper at the end.  It takes two shots from the Cain to drop the Human Reaper.
Here is a video I made of the Cain in action.  You can watch some of my other Mass Effect videos here.

Of course with great power comes great responsibility.  Bioware knew we players would be corrupted by the powerful punch of the Cain wanting to use it again and again, unable to not use such a fun weapon.  So instead of having you blast your way through the game with the Cain, Bioware (wisely or spitefully lol) limits your ability to use the Cain.
If you want to fire the Cain you really have to plan for it.  Start by saving heavy weapons ammo. You can’t fire it unless it is at 100% to begin with.  So if you are using your heavy weapons ammo firing other heavy weapons you’re going to have a hard time getting the Cain to 100%.  Also you’ll need all the extra heavy ammunition clips you can get.  If you are maxed out on heavy weapons ammo carrying ability the most you can carry is 215% or two shots of Cain.
So load up on heavy weapons ammo and let loose the Cain on your enemies!!!!!  Remember the Cain takes four seconds to queue up to fire.  Don't leave yourself exposed for to long or you might not get the shot off.

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