Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Omega DLC Now Availaable

Update:  Dec 3, 2012, A great deal of recorded video from Omega.  It will take a couple days to pull it together into a video outlining the mission.

The much anticipated Fight For Omega downloadable content is now available.  I just purchased it for Xbox 360 for 800 MS points which is about $10.  Fight For Omega takes up 1.99 GB of space on your hard drive.

This new DLC takes us back to Omega, a sierra hotel of a space station, where we first meet local crime queen Aria T'Loak and spend a good deal of time in Mass Effect 2 learning the ins and outs of this rough and tumble part of space.

As you may recall in ME3 Aria drove a hard bargin for her support in the war effort.  As a result of Aria's support of the war effort Cerberus has taken over Omega from Aria and her band brigands.  Now it's time to pay off that debt and help Aria regain her throne as crime queen of Omega!

Talon Symbol
To complicate matters the Talons, a band of Turian mercenaries,  also are laying claim to Omega.  In ME2 they tried to put the squeeze on Aria until she hijacked their Red Sand shipment and laid the smackdown on the Talons running that show.  Afterwards they reluctantly accepted Aria as the crime queen of Omega but secretly have wanted Aria out so they can take over.  Is this their time?

Hope to have video up and a review in a few days.  Got to play it first!!!!

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