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Thane Krios Plays His Last Card

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Spoilers Follow
Priority: The Citadel II, is a Mass Effect 3 mission to get excited about.  Not only does this mission have great action, it has great fight scenes and some final answers to a couple lingering Mass Effect questions.  It turns into a running gun battle on the Citadel complete with X3M skycar chases, trading shots from the top of speeding elevators, general mayhem, a satisfying death of a disliked character and a new enemy!  What’s not to like?

At some point in Mass Effect 3 you’ll head back to the Citadel to deal with some political intrigue.  When you approach the Citadel all space traffic controller communications is down.  Through some back channels you find out that Cerberus is attacking the station.  Since you can’t land you take a shuttle in and observe the on-going battle from the air.   Forced to land in a hot landing zone you fight your way to C-Sec.

At C-Sec you find Captain Bailey wounded outside C-Sec headquarters.  Bailey helps you gain access to C-Sec and starts re-establishing the computer network that was disabled by Cerberus.  After securing C-Sec Bailey asks you go secure Councilor Esheel.  At the Executor’s office you discover Councilor’s Esheel bodyguards are dead.  Eventually  you find her unharmed in an adjacent room.

Kai Leng; Cerberus assassin and new enemy.
Then Kai Leng appears to kill the Councilor.  Shepard is too late to save the Councilor but Thane Krios appears out of nowhere (and the hospital) and saves the Councilor from Kai.  Thane and Kai engage in hand to hand combat while Shepard hustles the Councilor to safety.  Thane lays the smack down on Kai with a biotic backhand bitch slap that knocks him out for a few seconds.  Kai recovers from the vicious backhand and the fight continues.  Eventually the tricky Kai runs Thane through with his sword dealing a mortal blow.  Although not immediately fatal, the wound along with Thane’s Kepral’s syndrome is too much.  After the battle Shepard is able to visit with Thane and say his good byes.  Our last view of Thane as Shepard leaves is him in a coma in the hospital with his son by his side in a death vigil.  Not the best way to go out but much better than just sitting in the hospital the entire game.  At least Thane went down fighting.  So for you Thane Krios fans here is Thane’s fight with Kai Leng so you don’t have to watch the longer video if you don’t want to. 

Shepard and Kai fight on X3M's through the Citadel.
After Thane is stabbed Shepard gives chase in what becomes a X3M skycar chase through the Citadel.  Eventually Kai disables Shepard’s X3M and they crash on a balcony on the Citadel.  Shepard and company race on foot to reach the other Councilors; who are coincidentally being guarded by newly appointed Spectre Ashley.

Ashley is taking the councilors to the roof of a building where she thinks a X3M will take them to safety.  But unknown to her this is actually a Cerberus trap.  Shepard ends up on top of an elevator racing Kai to the roof where the Councilors are.  By now Bailey is able to re-establish the network.  He begins making Kai's elevator car stop at each floor allowing Shepard to reach the Councilors first.

You don't want to miss this Renegade action.
After reaching the roof and catching up with the Councilors Shepard has a hostile encounter with Ashley that is egged on by Councilor Udina.  Udina, not wanting to be exposed as a Cerberus agent is trying to open the door to allow Kai and the Cerberus troops in to kill or capture the Councilors thus placing him in charge as the only remaining Councilor.  Ashley sides with Shepard at which point Udina pulls a gun and Shepard shoots him dead.  Good riddance, that was one sweet cut scene seeing the end of Udina.  That character was no good from the beginning of Mass Effect.

Thane dead or as good as dead.  Udina exposed and gunned down.  Closure on two issues; one more satisfying than the other.

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