Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mass Effect Take Back The Earth (Collector Edition Unboxing and why I don't use UPS)

I am so not taking back the earth today because of a really lame decision.  Seriously EA / Bioware... you chose UPS to deliver the "ME3 Collectors" edition to those (like me) who purchased directly from you online.  Are you high, are you kidding me? UPS doesn't deliver unless you are home to sign for it.  So for all of us who work - - no Mass Effect 3 for us today.  Don't you also think that perhaps you could have planned to have the collector editions arrive a day early and used FEDX; sort of a bonus for those of us who ultimately paid more money for the game than was necessary?

So thanks.  Now I have to go to the UPS customer service center between 8:15 and 9 tonight to pick up my ME3 collectors edition.  By the way the UPS customer service people said just leave a note on the door and they'll leave it.  They didn't.

Perhaps I can play for an hour tonight.  What is the marketing reasoning for launching on a Tuesday anyhow; what is the tradition?  Seems like the weekend would be better for gamers.  (Any marketing/advertising people know the rational/history for video games to come out on Tuesdays?)

Anyhow the good news is ME3 is getting awesome reviews and Mass Effect Infiltrator ($6.99 at the iTunes app store) is now available for your iOS device such as iPhones and iPads.

Here are some of the early reviews.


Perhaps later I can get up an "unboxing" of the collectors edition because I surely won't be able to play.  Thanks UPS.

Here's an update.  Finally picked up the Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition at the UPS service center.  It would have been easier pre-ordering from Best Buy and picking it up there than dealing with UPS and their ridiculous policies.  Any how I was able to make a quick unboxing video (very exciting) and at least get to Mars. I have decided I'm not going to blow through this first run through as fast as possible.  Rather am going savor every scene and fight, taking my time.

Oh, fyi, last night I went to the www.ups.com and sign up for their "UPS My Choice" program so I can as they said "Get Home Delivery On Your Schedule."  Not so unless you join the premium version and pay UPS more money to deliver your package.  Something you've already paid them for by the way.

So then I get on UPS online customer service chat service.  I thought it was quick and helpful.  I explained I would be at work and wanted the package left at my door.  UPS rep says no problem using my tacker number says the package doesn't need a signature and to leave a note.  I leave a note taped to the door with the tracking number stating to leave the package at my door.  Check ups site in the afternoon and have the unable to deliver will try again tomorrow. Well I'll be at work tomorrow to.  Back to UPS online customer service chat service.  "We're sorry, we know this is frustrating.  The driver has the discretion not to drop off."  "You can pick it up at the customer service center.  Would you like for us to make an appointment for your?"  What I need an appointment to go to the customer service center to pickup my package?  "Yes"  Ok I'll do that.  "Between 8:15 - 9:00 p.m."  lol A 45 minute window late at night.  Not to mention the 1 hour round trip ride to this customer service center.  Assuming I don't get mugged in parking lot of this unsavory part of town.

Of course no response to me from UPS via email or twitter.  Not surprised. (UPS did email back on Wednesday March 7th. "I am truly sorry that you received a less-than-satisfactory experience with our company. We look forward to the opportunity to reestablish your trust in our services."

Seriously I've never liked UPS because of their drop off policy.  I wouldn't have used them for this if I had a choice.  I urge you never to use UPS, use USPS or FedX.

But I guess ultimately it is all my fault.  If I had taken the day off from work none of this would have happened. Hi boss, mind if I take Tuesday off to play Mass Effect 3.  Perhaps my boss plays ME3 also and would have understood.  I doubt it.

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