Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mass Effect Liar of the Shadow Broker

Liara T'Soni in the Lair of the Shadow Broker
Regardless if you are a fan of Liara T'Soni or not you should get the downloadable content the Lair of the Shadow Broker.  For fans of Liara this assignment brings several missions with Liara (although technically it’s just one mission though) and also some closure perhaps, for those of you who romanced Liara in Mass Effect.  You should download this most importantly because it’s fun and there are some worthwhile rewards.
All of the missions and fights in this assignment are exciting and challenging.  From the bombing and fights in the Dracon Trade Center, to the “car” chase through Illium resulting in a show down with a rogue Spectre, to the fight on the exterior of the Shadow Broker’s ship and the final show down with the Shadow Broker; it’s all good.

SPOILER ALERT:  The following video, although clocking in a bit long at 10 minutes, shows The Lair of the Shadow Broker assignment through cut scenes and limited game combat.  So if you don't want to see the game play or know how it ends if  you haven't played it don't watch.

The car chase through Illium is especially fun and a big change of pace from the usual Mass Effect events.  I especially like the segment on the outside of the Shadow Broker’s ship.  The graphic effects of a ship on the edge of a planet’s atmosphere are well done with the wind, lightening and other affects.  Also working your way through the maze of the exterior of this ship to find the access port is challenging and fun.  Through in some good fights along with lots of cover and lightening arresters holding lots of lightening that you can discharge and there is a great deal to like about this segment of Shadow Broker.
Shadow Broker
Once the mission is over you get access to the Shadow Broker’s Intel Center.  I won’t go through every thing in Intel Center but there are information dossiers on characters that makes for some fun reading, mineral survey information that for example will show you where all the planets with Element Zero are and a video surveillance room where you can watch videos of people the Shadow Broker was keeping an eye in the sky on.  There are also numerous upgrades and resources to be gained making this must have content for the Mass Effect fan or gamer.


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