Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Demo

-->Alright, I downloaded the Mass Effect 3 demo for Xbox 360 tonight.  Here are my first impressions.
  • The graphics are awesome.  (Better than Mass Effect 2 and I thought those were great.  Mass Effect 3’s graphics are better.)
  • It was hard to aim.  The aiming recital is light blue and then turns red when pointed at a target and doesn’t show up well against targets.
  • The “action” seem slow in the sense that the running, turning, scrolling left/right/up/down seemed to take longer.  (I did feel this seemed to become more normal as I played longer.)
  • There is some type of weird auto-targeting.  If you are shooting at an enemy and take cover when you pop back up you will auto-target a different enemy rather than the one you were shooting at.  I don't like this.
Ashley, Shepard and Anderson
I played as a Vanguard.  Vanguard is becoming my favorite class. 
    •  I had the following biotic powers and ammo:
      • Charge – seemed the same as Mass Effect 2
      • Had a new power Nova that is a high powered shock wave that gets its power from your shields.  So it drains your shields when you use it.  I used it several times and didn’t notice any affect.  (Perhaps I didn’t see shields, armor or health go down.  But certainly enemies didn’t get knocked over like with Shockwave.) 
      • Pull
      • Shockwave
      • Assault Mastery
      • Fitness
      • Cyro Ammo
      • Incendiary Ammo
      • Squad mates had Warp Ammo and Armor Piercing Ammo
      • All ammo seemed the same as Mass Effect 2 
      • I’ll update weapons after I render the video.  But I had a pistol, assault rifle, submachine gun, shot gun and some heavy weapon. 
      • The squad point system for biotics is more like Mass Effect but they now have a WOW like tree for some powers.  But is more an either this or that affect for your powers.
Vanguard Point Allocation
Assault Mastery Point Allocation
New Alliance Normandy

  • Characters encountered:
    • Wrex 
      •  A female Krogan.  (Never before seen in the game.)
    • Garrus 
    •  Liara 
    •  Ashley 
    •  Vega 
    •  Admiral Anderson
    • Mordin 
    •  No Miranda, Kasumi, Grunt, Legion, Zaeed, Jack, Thane, Jacob, Samara/Morinth in the demo.  Not happy about how it appears that EA/BioWare has not given Mass Effect 2 characters an import role.  None have been mentioned as squad members as of yet.    Hope I am wrong about this.

Tomorrow I'll try to get some more Mass Effect 3 video up.  It's rendering right now but it's a big file and I can't stay up waiting for it to finish.

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