Saturday, September 22, 2012

Leviathan DLC

Spoilers Follow:  Don’t read or watch the video if you don’t want to know.

The new Leviathan content is available for down load for your playing pleasure.  On the MicroSoft XBOX you can purchase it for 800 MS points which is ten dollars I believe.  So if you haven’t, go ahead and drop ten large for this additional content.

Leviathan is a nice little side mission.  It was a bit strange for me because my Commander Shepard didn’t make it at the end of Mass Effect 3 and then he pops up for a mission like nothing has happened. See my previous post, "Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Ending," and video about the Extended Cut ending. But I got over Shepard's resurrection real quick as Leviathan provides you with more playing time with Commander Shepard and your other Mass Effect friends.

Find Hackett's email.
I guess the first thing you need to know is how to access Leviathan.  Once you’ve downloaded the content go to the menu and load a previous saved game.   It doesn’t matter which one or where in the game's timeline you choose.  I happened to choose a save game towards the end of Mass Effect 3.  So it gave me a chance to easily do the ending over again and pick another ending option, purely coincidental; just a little benefit for picking a save game towards the end of the game.
Go to Dr. Bryson's lab.
Check your email and you’ll have a “Urgent message from Admiral Hackett” directing you to meet up with Dr. Bryson.  Then go to Citadel and select Dr. Bryson’s Lab and you’re off on the new mission.

You’ll spend a short amount of time talking to Dr. Bryson when he is killed in front of you.  Because Dr. Bryson didn’t really explain anything of importance it’s up to you to search his lab for the clues to what he was working on, what Leviathan is and where to find it.  After you pull the pieces together you’re off to find Leviathan.  To complicate things Leviathan doesn’t want to be found.  The clues you find send you on a mass relay hopping chase around the galaxy to beat the Reapers to Leviathan. Along the way you’ll meet Dr. Bryson’s daughter, fight Reapers and piece the Leviathan puzzle together. 

Finally you get to pilot a Triton which is essentially the same thing as an Atlas.  You get to shoot some Reapers instead of having an Atlas/Trition shooting at you for a change.  It turns out that Leviathan is long lived race.  And they where the race that created the Reapers.  At some point the Reapers turned against the Leviathan’s and made them the first harvest.  So the Reapers look like the Leviathans.  There aren’t many Leviathan’s left and they essentially lay low and watch the Reaper cycle occur over and over again.

Will you be able to bring the Leviathan’s into the galactic fight against the Reapers?

Commander Shepard finds more than one Leviathan.

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