Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mass Effect Comics

I’m not a big comic book fan but in the spirit of looking at all things Mass Effect I checked out the Mass Effect comic books.  I actually went to a couple local comic book stores but they didn’t have any Mass Effect comics. 

Of course I next turned to the Internet.  First I went to the Darkhorse comics website.  

 On their website it was easy to find the Mass Effect comics and you can purchase them to view online or have them mailed to your home.  While surfing their website I discovered that Darkhorse had an application for the iPad.  Woo hoo!

So I went to the iPad app store and downloaded the app.  After creating the account I easily found the Mass Effect comics and was able to purchase digital copies of the Mass Effect comics. 

As with all things Mass Effect, if you are a Mass Effect fan you’ll like the comics.  For some light entertainment reading I found the comics an enjoyable diversion.  The comics I read complimented many of the story lines you find in the three Mass Effect video games and books.  The comics are well written and illustrated.  They allow you to spend some time with your favorite characters while finding out a little more about them and the Mass Effect world.

At $1.99 cents a comic book that shouldn’t be to great of a cost to anybody who has access to a computer, Apple iOS or Android device.  So take that change out of your pocket.

Reading with my iPad was easy.  You can swipe and read entire page or you can click and it zooms in on a section of the graphic for a close-up and then moves from segment to segment on the page in close-up mode.  This is great for reading the text and obviously for the graphics.

Full page view left and close-up right.

The cost for the digital versions was cheaper than actual paper comic, as you would expect for digital copy.  I believe they were $1.99 cents versus three dollars for the comic. Any comics you buy on your iPad you can also view on their website through your personal computer’s web browser.

 Remember, when you buy on the website or through the app store you don’t actually own the comic; just the right to read the book through the authorized device.  See Darkhorse FAQs.

“Do I own the digital comic I purchased?
You do not. As with Amazon, Nook, and other e-book companies, you don’t own the book you buy. You are licensing the right to read the book on supported and authorized devices.”

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